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World Leading Bipolar Ion Technology - Monitair

IonAir EC1500 Series

The IonAir EC1500 is the most powerful bipolar ionization device in the world.

With patented bipolar ion technology, the IonAir EC1500 uses a powerful pinpoint corona discharge system to generate positive and negative O2 ions that break down the protein structure of pollutants and render them harmless.

The IonAir EC1500 was developed to bring healthy and quality air into indoor environments.


technical specifications

Ion output: 10^10 ions/s

Area coverage: 50 square meters

Power supply: 5V (^+10%) DC, 30mA

Operating temperature: +5°C (+41°F) to +55°C (+131°F)

Dimensions: 86mm*60mm

Airflow (recommended): 1 m/s minimum, laminar

protect your guests

Customers in different industries have installed Monitair as an indoor air quality solution, including restaurants, coffee shops and offices.


Dining room

Easily installed on the air outlet of various air conditioners


coffee shop

Provide an environment where customers and tenants relax



Get your employees back to the office faster and with peace of mind amid the pandemic

easy installation

Durable and convenient installation method, it can be firmly attached to the vent of any HVAC system.


Hidden ceiling air conditioner

split air conditioner

IonAir 1600 HVAC

Applicable to HVAC systems in all buildings, the positive and negative ions released by IonAir 1600 are just like nature's ions, and the pure and fresh indoor air eliminates harmful pollutants indoors.  


technical specifications

Air volume: 6,000 CFM

Ion output: 10^12 ions/s

Power supply: input voltage 12V DC - 24V DC

Operating temperature: +5°C (+41°F) to +55°C (+131°F)

Dimensions: 86mm*97mm*24.5mm

Weight: 0.3 lbs

Operation Mode: Needle Point Type

Experts will work with you to integrate it into any HVAC system

Protect your indoor air with an exclusive plan based on your central air-conditioning system.

Excellent technology and performance

ion output

World-leading ionization output,
10^10 ions per second

Inactivation of pollutants

Eliminate harmful substances in the air such as viruses,
Bacteria, suspended particles and mold spores

quick installation

Easy to install in just 5 minutes
any AC vents

no by-products

no harmful by-products,
e.g. UV-C or spray treatment

It has been confirmed by independent clinical trials that it can effectively kill 99.9% of the new coronavirus

Monitair has been tested by third-party laboratories located in famous hospitals and universities in Hong Kong and Israel.

Efficiently eliminate the new coronavirus on the surface and in the air

Monitair's technology is based on bipolar ionization, a process that mimics natural phenomena such as the sun and wind to produce ions that purify outdoor air of microorganisms and pollutants.

1. Sustained release of ions

Monitair Bipolar Ion Devices Utilize Powerful Ion
Corona Discharge System
Release positive and negative oxygen ions O2+ and O2-.

2. Active Adsorption and Binding

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Hydroxyl (-OH)
Form a strong ion structure (Ion Cluster)
And surrounded by harmful pollutants.

3. Destruction of protein structure

Ionic structures disrupt protein structure
and make it harmless.

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