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AirProce Cloud Smart Air Purifier (AI-300/600)

In order to meet the demanding respiratory system of allergic people and newborns, and to improve the air quality faster and longer, in the design of the new generation of ProceCare all-round series, we continue to break through the limit, in terms of overall sealing, filter material air passage area, The glue-free process and the integrated air duct have been greatly improved, making it closer to an ideal air purifier with no shortcomings.

0 ug/m³

Air outlet PM2.5


Secondary pollution


Activated carbon filter


H13 high-efficiency grid flattened area


Particulate CADR

The air outlet is really pollution-free

Purification efficiency greater than 99.9%


     HEPA H13 high-efficiency filter

HEPA is an internationally recognized safe and high-efficiency filter material. It was originally used in nuclear energy research and protection, and is now widely used in precision laboratories, pharmaceutical production, atomic research, and surgical operations that require high cleanliness.

The higher the HEPA level, the denser the fiber, the greater the wind resistance, the smaller the particles, and the greater the harm. The selection of the filter is related to the final purification effect, so we insist on using the H13 level HEPA that can also have high filtration efficiency for PM0.3 strainer.

H13   99.95%

HEPA filter    PM0.3 filtration performance

      gas phase purification media technology

We adopt the more widely used gas phase purification media technology in the chemical industry, and can irreversibly and completely eliminate various toxic and harmful gases in the air through the principles of physical adsorption, absorption, chemical adsorption and catalysis.

The gas-phase purification medium will not release the collected pollutants even under extreme conditions such as high or low temperature, or saturation. The applicable temperature range is from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 48.9 degrees Celsius, and the humidity range is from 10% to 95%.


     3 re-filter- middle TVOC filter

The filter material is 5 kg of high-quality activated carbon filter, which irreversibly removes formaldehyde, benzene, acetaldehyde and other organic volatiles through the four principles of physical adsorption, absorption, chemical adsorption and catalysis.


​activated carbon

      Avoid secondary air pollution

Set the fan in the middle of the filter screen instead of being exposed to the air to avoid air backflow and secondary pollution.


      Vacuum, dust-free operation

The German backward-facing centrifugal fan is the powerful heart of AirProce, which can provide an astonishing 1200m³/h air volume, and the highest air pressure of 700pa is the best among similar products.

Eight shock-absorbing rubber cushions can effectively prevent the vibration transmission of the fan. The fan itself has a 10-year lifespan guarantee, let us accompany you for a longer period of time.


wind pressure


m³/h air volume


      innovative patent structure design

The more rigorous sealing structure adopts the double-injection molding process of ABS+TPU rubber coating to provide a high-strength shell, and at the same time ensure the inner double seal without dead ends.

Snap arm with NFC reader

Read and update filter element information in real time


We creatively apply the NFC technology commonly used in the consumer electronics industry to the filter, so that each filter has an "ID card", which can be identified no matter where it goes, and is displayed on the 5-inch large screen of the machine in real time.
If the bottom primary filter and the top H13 filter are exchanged, the NFC chip can recognize and send an alarm.

Smart 5-inch touch screen

Full range of standard equipment


It is more convenient and smooth to control the display screen. In the running mode, the indoor air data is refreshed every 15 seconds, and the outdoor air data is refreshed every 1 hour.

Detachable Bluetooth Air Detector

Full range of standard equipment


The air detector equipped on the product can know the air quality in every part of the home in real time, and detect various data such as temperature, humidity, VOC, and PM2.5.

Multi-product​convenient management


We are providing more convenient equipment management and maintenance services to more hotels, educational institutions, fitness clubs and other service places.
​ There, you can manage up to 50 AirProce products at the same time, and see the real-time comparison between the air conditions in your environment and the outside.

Smart AI APP 2.0

The new upgrade


Convenient control, minimalist design, control the device anytime, anywhere. A maximum of 50 devices can be bound for management.

Technical Parameters




Purification efficiency of the whole machine

CADR (particulate matter)

CADR (formaldehyde)

CCM (particulate matter)

CCM (formaldehyde)

Noise (6 wind speeds)

First floor (initial effect)

middle (high efficiency)

high-level (high-efficiency)



99.95% (filter particles ≥ 0.3μm)
Industry tested

680 m³/h

180 m³/h

P4 (≥12000mg)

F2 (600-1000mg)

25, 31, 37, 43, 48, 70db

MIX Primary Filter v2
Filter grade: F9 
Flat screen area: 4.8 m² 
Activated carbon specific surface area: 800 m²/g 
Total thickness: 120 mm 
Recommended lifetime*: 12 months


H13 HEPA high efficiency filter v2
Flat screen area: 5 m² 
Total thickness: 120 mm 
Filter grade: H13 
Recommended lifetime*: 36 months

filter configuration

performance parameters



​99.95% (filter particles ≥ 0.3μm)
Industry tested

600 m³/h

300 m³/h

P4 (≥12000mg)

F4 (≥1500mg)

25, 31, 37, 43, 48, 65db

F9 primary filter v2 
Filtration level: F9
Flat screen area: 5 m²
Total thickness: 120mm
Recommended lifetime*: 12 months

TVOC high efficiency filter v2 
Total filter weight: 5 kg 
Total thickness: 120 mm 
Recommended lifetime*: 18 months

H13 HEPA high efficiency filter v2
Flat screen area: 5 m² 
Total thickness: 120 mm 
Filter grade: H13 
Recommended lifetime*: 36 months

*The recommended life of the filter is based on the test results of 10 hours a day and 3 wind speeds in the Epos laboratory environment. The actual service life of the filter is related to the user's environment, operating wind speed, and opening time. The recommended service life is for reference only.

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